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Which PTFE Paste Extruder Should I Get: Horizontal or Vertical?

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To manufacture polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) products, you need a suitable machine. The type of machine you get should depend on the category of PTFE products you hope to produce. If you want to fabricate PTFE tubes, then a paste extruder is the machine you should use.

However, there are two kinds of paste extruders, which are horizontal and vertical. Due to this, you have to choose the right extruder for your needs.

If you are wondering which kind of paste extruder is good for you, you've come to the right place. This article discusses the two types of PTFE paste extruders to help you gain insights into their features.

Why use a paste extruder to produce PTFE tubes?

Due to its high thermal resistance, PTFE does not melt or flow. Instead, at temperatures above 350 degrees Celcius, it sublimates directly to gas form. Therefore, it has to be ram or paste extruded.

It is best to use paste extrusion to produce tubes instead of ram extrusion. Paste extrusion naturally forms tube shapes due to the use of a nozzle.

The Process of PTFE paste extrusion

The process usually involves two key steps, which are extrusion and sintering. To carry out the extrusion step, you process PTFE resin powder through an extruder with the help of a lubricating liquid. You then conduct the sintering and drying process immediately after the extrusion step.

Horizontal paste extrusion

Horizontal paste extrusion is the typical method of paste extrusion. In this method, you extrude the product horizontally but sinter it vertically. With this method, you can produce tubes of diameter up to 25mm.

However, you can't use this method to produce tubes with thin walls or those exceeding a diameter of 25mm, as the results will be poor. After all, unsintered PTFE is delicate and can crack when exposed to mechanical force.

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Vertical paste extrusion

Vertical paste extrusion overcomes the limitations of horizontal extrusion. It does this by aligning the extrusion process with the sintering process. To do this, you place the extruder at the top of the extruder line.

This way, the extrusion proceeds downward from the extruder to the sintering line. Hence, the PTFE does not suffer mechanical force that causes it to crack.

You can produce tubes with thin walls or a diameter above 25mm with vertical paste extrusion. However, a vertical paste extrusion machine is more expensive to construct as it requires special equipment to load and control the extrusion. Also, to install it, you should provide adequate vertical space as the machine is overly tall.

Which is better, horizontal or vertical?

The reality is that none is better than the other. The two types of machines excel in their respective niche. Horizontal paste extrusion machines are cost-effective and easier to install. It is better to use them if the tubes you are producing do not have a diameter size above 25mm.

However, you can use vertical extrusion for those products that horizontal extrusion cannot make. It opens the possibility of products you can manufacture using paste extrusion.

With vertical paste extrusion, you can produce tubes with thin walls. But the cost and space requirement is also something you should consider.

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