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Convoluted PTFE Braided Tube

Convoluted PTFE braided tube consists of inner corrugated tube and outer layer 304 stainless steel wire braid. PTFE corrugated braided hose is very strong, flexible and can withstand extreme wear in most industrial hose applications. The inner wall is made of PTFE corrugated tube to provide resistance to corrosion, extreme temperatures, and aging-related degradation for long-lasting hose requirements. These hoses are capable of transferring a myriad of different products while providing protection against failure and environmental release. The outer layer 304 stainless steel wire braid helps protect the PTFE hose from abrasion, increasing life expectancy and pressure ratings. The stainless steel overlay also improves wear resistance against vibration, flexural fatigue, high temperature, etc. PTFE corrugated stainless steel braided hose offers more versatility and flexibility than smooth bore PTFE hose options.

Advantages of Convoluted PTFE Braided Tube

Due to the concave and convex shape, convoluted PTFE braided tube has excellent flexibility and bending resistance. When assembled on the machine, convoluted PTFE braided tube can save space.

●Excellent flexibility and kink resistance for superior performance in chemical transfer, high-temperature hydraulics, and hose applications requiring tight routings, high-temperature media transfer and
general-purpose applications
●The hose core is made from virgin 100% PTFE resin without any pigment or additive
●Anti-static (carbon) version of all hoses are available
●Convoluted tubing is very flexible and is ideal for applications where a tighter bend radius, increased pressure
handling or crush resistance is needed
●Convoluted tubing can be sourced with flares, flanges, cuffs, or a combination of more than one Optimized
Tubing Solution
●PTFE resin suppliers include DuPont, 3M, Daikin, domestic top level brand with FDA approved

Application of Convoluted PTFE Braided Tube

Gluing lines for automobiles, high-speed rail, injection molding machines, canning machines, gluing of gas and chlorine cylinders
Pipelines, transportation of corrosive chemicals, food and pharmaceutical products, computers, compressor discharge lines, etc.

Specification of PTFE Braided Convoluted Hose

Size: Outer diameter 6mm~120mm Wall thickness: 0.9mm~2mm

Professional PTFE Braided Convoluted Hose Manufacturer

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