Dgflon Ptfe Tube

corrugated PTFE tubing size 16X18 corrugated PTFE tubing size 16X18

PTFE corrugated tubing is designed for food, pharmaceutical and chemical applications. Supplied as a complete hose assembly with fittings

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DGF provide convoluted PTFE tubing in natural design and optimal flexibility. Also available in anti-static design (black) or with straight ends (for the use of connectors/fittings).


Size: 8*10mm with straight end for connection


PTFE corrugated pipe can be used in a huge range of applications, including the petrochemical industry, automotive industry, or  refrigeration or steam transfer, thanks to its chemical and thermal resistance. 



How to inspect the quality: each tubing before dispatch will inspect in the company, for air leaks, the pressure and temperature check.

DGF PTFE tubing from raw material stock to PTFE tubing output, in main section, working in clean room, or Clean room with AC. To make sure the good quality product.



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