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PTFE Smooth Bore Tube

PTFE smooth bore tube has excellent electrical characteristics, excellent temperature resistance and voltage resistance, and excellent insulation effect. PTFE smooth bore tubes are widely used in electrical insulation, physical and chemical instruments, electronic communications, medical, aviation, fluid transportation, etc. industrial field.

Featurers of PTFE Smooth Bore Tube

●Size: OD 1mm~OD 120mm, Wall thickness: 0.9~2mm
●Smooth bore hose comprises a straight PTFE tube liner and single or double stainless steel outer braid, and is the basic PTFE hose design being used successfully in many automotive, fluid handling, chemical transfer, paint, pharmaceutical, food & beverage processing, cosmetics and general purpose applications.
●The hose core is made from virgin 100% PTFE resin without any pigment or additive.
●The wire braiding is produced from AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel wire. 
●Smooth bore tubing is made from virgin 100% PTFE resin without any pigment or additive. It is suitable for use in Aerospace &Transportation Technology, Electronics, Components & Insulators, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Food Processing, Environmental Sciences, Air Sampling, Fluid Transfer Devices and Water Processing Systems.
●PTFE resin suppliers include DuPont, 3M, Daikin, domestic top level brand with FDA approved.
●Anti-static (carbon) or colors versions of all tubing are available, consult us for further information.

Reliable China PTFE Smooth Bore Tube Manufacturer

DGF Tube is a china-based manufacturer of PTFE smooth bore tube with over 10 years market experience. Our company covers an area of 10000 square meters and has 6 PTFE production lines,4 sets of braiding machine,1set of cutting and crimping machines, a full set of testing equipment, etc. Our PTFE tubes are available in a large of specifications and can be custom made in different sizes according to customers requirements. We believe we must be your best choice due to our high quality, excellent management, and competitive prices.




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