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Zhaoqing High-tech Zone Dong Shi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2012, is a leading manufacturer of PTFE convoluted tube, PTFE braided hose, and assembly. Our company covers an area of 10000 square meters and has 6 PTFE production lines,4 sets of braiding machine,1set of cutting and crimping machines, a full set of testing equipment, etc.

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Our PTFE tubes are available in a large of specifications and can be custom made in different sizes according to customers requirements.we can supply tubes with quite a long length, such as 100-500meters. Our PTFE tubes are widely used in automobile chemical electrical, electronic, mechanical and medical fields, etc.

As an ISO/TS1649:2009 company .we have a complete quality assurance system.we do the ROHS and REACH SVHC test each year.


We believe we must be your best choice due to our high quality, excellent management, and competitive prices.


Mr. Dong Guofang

Mr. Dong Guofang, founder of Dongshi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is good at precision molds and automatic machinery. He has 15 years of production line design and production experience in the polytetrafluoroethylene industry. Served many domestic PTFE tubing manufacturers. After the establishment of the company, the core production equipment was designed and developed by the founder.


It has more than 20 national independent intellectual property patents, won the title of "National High-tech Enterprise", passed the "Intellectual Property Management System Certification" and "Enterprise Credit Grade AAA Enterprise. Many honors. Has been committed to the application and research and development of PTFE tubing in medical, military, aerospace, automotive and other special industries, to provide customers with fast, safe and efficient PTFE tube solutions.

Our Production Line

PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene) products are well suited for a variety of demanding chemical, mechanical, electrical and non-stick surface applications.

Raw Material

Screening the PTFE fine powder

PTFE fine powder and Isopar according to different percent, put together in one tank.

Put the tank in clean room for 4-8hours

Mixing the powder and Isopar

Put the tank in oven for 8-10 hours, oven temperature around 40-60°C



PTFE straight tubing

Our Test

Inspection workshop

Inspection workshop

Inspection workshop

Inspection workshop


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