Dgflon Ptfe Tube

PTFE Paste Extrusion Machine

PTFE paste extrusion machine is also known as Teflon paste extruder, is used to mix PTFE fine powder with additives to make PTFE billets, and then extrude PTFE pipes with various sizes. As a reliable china PTFE paste extrusion machine manufacturer, we can provide series of machines including vertical and horizontal PTFE paste extruders. All of our PTFE past extrusion machines can meet your special applications.

Features of  PTFE Paste Extrusion Machine

  •  Adopt adjustable speed to adapt to pitch, no need to shift gears during operation
  • High production efficiency; the production speed is three times that of the current ordinary machines per hour
  • Low noise, the transmission and traction system adopts sound absorption, vibration reduction and insertion device
  • Maintenance is convenient, transmission is flexible, and the structure is easy to disassemble.
  • More environmentally friendly: no tetrafluoro powder splash, automatic powder discharge
  • Intelligent control: produce gaskets by controlling electricity
  • More time-saving: automatic power off when setting the production number
  • Longer working life: strong and high-quality components, no heat when working

Operating Process of PTFE Paste Extrusion Machine

PTFE Fine Powder raw material →Sifting →Mix with solvent→ Heating→ Performing → Extrusion→ Sintering  → Finished PTFE Tube



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