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PTFE Braided Tubing

PTFE braided tubing is also known as braided PTFE hose, is a very flexible Teflon hose constructed of a soft, helical PTFE inner tube, then braided with a high-strength stainless steel braid. ptfe braided hose has excellent kink resistance, good vacuum rating and no effect on taste, color or odor. These PTFE braided hoses are easy to steam clean and can be autoclaved. PTFE hose with SS braiding, can be connected to different fittings for connection.

China Experienced PTFE Braided Tubing Manufacturer

DGF Tube is one of top PTFE braided tubing in china, we have over 10 years of experience in the PTFE braided tubing market. Our team has been committed to the application, research and development of PTFE tubing in medical, military, aerospace, automotive and other special industries, to provide customers with fast, safe and efficient PTFE tube solutions.

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