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4# Wende three street Shali industrial Sihui Dawang, Hi-Tech Zone, Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China


Multiple PTFE Raw Material & Additives chooses:

PTFE Raw Material: Raw material plays a significant role in the whole production so that we cooperate with several well-known PTFE raw material manufacturers for quality assurance: Dakin, Dupont, 3M, China Dongyue and Chenguang, etc.

Additives: From Japan


Clean environment for stock and mass production:

We do have strict requirements and rules to provide a well-organized and clean working environment for both stock and production. PTFE raw material stocks in a tidy room with constant temperature, making sure good working function;

Also, processes such as mixing, oven, making billet, and extrusion are all finished in the cleanroom;


Thorough Inspection

Inspection is necessary after mass production, for instance, we check each tube to prevent leaving black spots inside which may be blended in final products, in this way, we are able to make more pure PTFE production. In addition, pressure inspection should be done too;



10 years for making PTFE tubes.

15 years for making PTFE paste extrusion machine

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