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Which Is Better For Cable Management, Spiral Wrap or Cable Conduit?

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Cables can be a hassle to deal with and can make your workspace look untidy. Tangled cables constitute a mess and can cause accidents due to tripping if not adequately managed. 

However, various products can help you organize your cables. Spiral wraps and cable conduits are both tube-like products. They assist you in managing your wires while offering some form of protection. 

Since they have similar functions, you might wonder which is better to purchase. In this article, we will compare the two products to find which is better for cable management.

What are cable conduits?

Cable conduits are tubes that you can use to house wires or cables. They help route and protect the wire or cable from external elements like moisture, heat, or chemicals. You can also use them to group wires or cables to keep them tidy.

The materials used to make a cable conduit depend on its intended purpose. You can have cable conduits made from metal, plastic, or fired clay. Resistant plastics are usually the materials of choice for cable conduits that you use indoors. 

Benefits of cable conduits

  • Cable conduits offer a great deal of protection. You can even use it for outdoor protection of cables.
  • They can house numerous cables or wires and help you bunch similar wires or cables together.
  • Color coding is possible for cable conduits as you can have them in varying colors.

Demerits of cable conduits 

  • Cable conduits are not as flexible as the cables they house. Therefore, you can't bend them beyond a certain degree without damaging them.
  • You can't branch wires from a cable conduit to different sources. All wires in the same cable conduit will follow the same route.

PTFE Spiral Cut Cable Wrap tubing

What are spiral wrap tubes?

Spiral wrap tubes help you organize and protect wires or cables. Their helix shape grants them flexibility and allows you to branch your wires or cables. In addition, they protect wires or cables from abrasion, heat, and chemicals. 

Because they are very flexible, you can also use them to protect hoses and fragile tubes. Furthermore, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is the material used to produce them, and it is tough and resistant to chemicals. 

Benefits of spiral wrap

  • They allow rerouting of wires or cables as you can easily branch your wires from a spiral wrap.
  • You can use them to bunch your wires together, helping keep your work environment neat.
  • Spiral wrap can also protect other materials apart from cables, like hoses and vulnerable tubes.
  • They are very flexible and can bend to whatever degree the wire requires without damaging the plastic.

Demerits of spiral wrap

They are usually thinner and don't offer the same level of protection as some cable conduits.


Cable conduits and spiral wraps are good products that help you manage your cables. They both allow you to bunch wires together, helping prevent tangling.

However, spiral wraps are better for cable management as they offer more options. They are more flexible and allow you to branch your wires to different sources. So, if you are looking for a better cable management product, we recommend getting a spiral wrap.

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