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Production Description and Technical Specifications of Convoluted PTFE Braided Tube

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Convoluted PTFE hoses are ideal for prolonged usage in the handling of food and manufacturing, pharmaceutical and bio-medical transfer applications.

It is also good for fluids linked with high temperatures and specialty chemical transfer, and beverage handling and production, especially in areas where flexibility is prioritized overflow rate.

Convoluted PTFE braided tubes are seamless, low profile, safe for the environment, self-draining, and strong enough to survive extreme bending. They are appropriate for applications involving fluid handling, chemical transfer, paint, and semiconductors.

This article will discuss stainless steel convoluted PTFE braided hoses in further detail.

Description Of SCW/SCB Hose

SCW and SCB are for fluid handling, chemical transfer, paint, and semiconductor applications, convoluted PTFE hoses with 316SS braid are seamless, low-profile convolutions that can endure significant flexing.

The state-of-the-art, extensively developed design delivers outstanding corrosion resistance and excellent temperature tolerance for extra protection under various working circumstances.

Additionally, SCW's FDA-compliant core tube is made with a rounded, smooth convolution in the shape of a helical spiral, making the hose self-draining and simple to clean.

When used within predetermined operating settings, the sturdy 316 Stainless Steel reinforcement for SCB and SCW results in a longer lifespan and makes the hose less prone to cracking from stress or flexing than metal hoses or other fluoropolymer hoses.

Benefits Of SCW/SCB Hose

The following are the benefits of SCW/SCB hose:

  • Hose for high temperatures.
  • Outstanding resistance against corrosion.
  • It is Effortless.
  • It is Unassuming.
  • Self-depleting
  • Tolerates intense flexing.
  • Low effusion; safe for the environment.
  • Prolonged life span.

Technical Specifications Of SCW/SCB Hose 

  • Applications involving cycling cold water and steam are not advised.
  • 73°F (23°C) working and burst pressure ratings.
  • Hose measurements are nominal.
  • Used exclusively with SC300 crimp collars and PAGE fittings.
  • Incompatible with fittings from the 90, 91, or 93N Series.

Convoluted PTFE Hose Features

Convoluted PTFE hoses are superior to more conventional materials in several ways. Since they are essentially inert to all chemicals, any compounds ingested by them won't affect how they taste, smell, or behave chemically.

The PTFE hoses have a very long service life as well as a very long shelf life as a result of their high resistance to weathering, aging, UV light degradation, oxidation, surface fouling, and discoloration.

Operations are safe thanks to their non-flammability, solvent resistance, and extremely low permeability, and any shocks or explosions are minimized when anti-static PTFE is used instead of virgin PTFE.

Since PTFE, also known as Teflon, has the lowest coefficient of friction of any known solid material, the flow rate is great even with convolutions fabricated into the pipe, and the accumulation of any microorganisms or contaminants is quite uncommon.

Convoluted PTFE hoses are self-draining media during activities like Clean In Place processes thanks to the infernal convolutions (CIP). Any end connection you require can be installed on the PTFE convoluted hose assemblies.

A silicone cover, a fire sleeve, spring guards, bend restrictors, bounce rings, or identifying tags so the hoses can be put to a hose register are examples of additional customizations.

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Convoluted Teflon Hoses are simple to reinforce with a vacuum wire and a stainless steel braid made of 316 to allow usage in vacuum or suction situations and to prevent elongational growth, or with a polypropylene, braid to stop corrosion in more harsh chemical environments.

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