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5 Reasons Why You Need PTFE Smooth Bore Tube

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PTFE tubing is a short name for Polytetrafluoroethylene tubing. It is produced from a fluoropolymer with features that are not common in other plastic materials. In terms of coefficient of friction, it has the lowest, which allows it to flow without any deposit build-up.

Meanwhile, a quality PTFE smooth bore tube from a reputable manufacturer works perfectly in any application. Thus, it is advisable to source your products from where you will not spend your money on inferior products.

Read on as we take you through the benefits of using a PTFE smooth bore tube. In the end, you will be able to make the right choice.

1. Flexibility of the Tube

PTFE bore tube is known for its flexibility, which makes it suitable for a variety of applications. At any point, you can adjust it to suit your requirement without damage to the tube.

Moreover, you can install a spiral guard, spring guard, or armor guard casing to improve the quotient of flexibility. In addition to increasing flexibility, the installation also provides extra protection to the tube assembly.

2. Non-reactive Nature of the tube

The strong carbon-fluorine bonds make the PTFE tube to be non-reactive to chemicals. Thus, it is suitable for factories that deal with alkalis, acids, and other reactive chemicals.

Moreover, the tube is resistant to water. Thus, water does not penetrate the tube to start chemical reaction. The tube is suitable for transporting reactive chemicals because they will not react with it.

 PTFE Smooth Bore Tube

3. Excellent for Electrical Purposes

PTFE tube has fantastic electrical property that makes them suitable as an insulator. The 2.1 low dielectric constant between the temperature of -40 degrees and 480 degrees Fahrenheit makes it an excellent insulator. Thus, the tube has high dielectric strength and electrical resistance.

4. PTFE Tube prevents Wear and Tear

The tube can transfer material at very low friction, making less water stick on the tube. This makes the tube last for a longer period and provides a more secure finish.

The relatively smooth and slippery surface prevents wear and tear, making it to be durable. The tube can be used in various industries because of its non-stick surface. There is no waviness, pitting, or discoloration on the tube.

5. Good for harsh Environmental Conditions and High Temperature

PTFE tubing has properties that can withstand harsh environmental conditions and high temperatures. Thus, it can be used as a conduit for wiring systems in aircraft.

The weight of PTFE is lighter than some PVC. Thus, it can be used in some places that require lightweight material that can withstand high temperatures. In the automobile industry, they use it to transmit hot fluids due to its ability to endure high temperatures.

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