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What Is The Difference Between ETFE And PTFE?

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It is no secret that polymer materials have a huge impact on our lives and environment. There are many kinds of them, and each has a specific purpose. The two most common types are ETFE and PTFE.


ETFE, or ethylene tetrafluoroethylene, consists of carbon, fluorine and hydrogen, has a higher tensile strength than PTFE, though PTFE will stretch before breaking. It is also more heat resistant, melting at 327°C, which is 60°C more than ETFE. PTFE is far harder to burn, as it requires a higher concentration of ambient oxygen.

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PTFE, or Polytetrafluoroethylene, is made of long strings of carbon and fluorine atoms. It’s commonly known as Teflon®, a non-stick coating. PTFE has an exceptionally low coefficient of friction, which means it’s ‘non-stick’. This means it’s a great material for components and fabrics that have lots of wear and tear. It is frequently used in insulation materials. The expanded version is known as GoreTex. After stretching, this material remains abrasion-resistant and waterproof, but the tiny pores created by the stretching mean that the material breathes, too.


The most common materials to be used to re-enforce a pump is PTFE and ETFE polymers.

PTFE is constructed from carbon and fluorine atoms whereas ETFE is built from carbon, fluorine and hydrogen. Giving advantages to using both.

The tensile strength of ETFE can be as much as 38% greater than PTFE, meaning ETFE material can be subjected to harsher operating conditions than its counterpart. This is why most chemical pumps are supplied in ETFE as it is a stronger material for the injection moulding process they go through.

However PTFE has a coefficient of friction at one-third of ETFE making it more suitable when a high flow is needed as it helps reduce pipe friction Losses.Thermal properties of both materials are also a key differentiation… PTFE can reach a maximum temperature of 327c whereas ETFE can reach a maximum temperature of 267c.

This stage is critical when choosing  the best suited pump; if the application needed to be pumped can reach anywhere near these temperatures it is best to choose PTFE as both materials get softer near their maximum temperature points.

Furthermore, PTFE has a Limiting Oxygen Index (the minimum percentage concentration of oxygen at which the polymer will burn) greater than 95% whereas ETFE is between 30-36%, meaning that PTFE should be considered in higher oxygen environments.

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