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A Brief Introduction Of PTFE Tube

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What is PTFE tubes?

As a material, it comes with the numerous properties of PTFE (Teflon), including temperature resistance, chemical resistance, electrical insulation and high-strength.

The high ratio of strength (both tensile and electrical) to weight gives us the option of using a much smaller tube of PTFE to do the same task that might require a lot more of a less capable material.

A high burst pressure means that both pneumatic and hydraulic systems would benefit tremendously from the use of PTFE tube. Similarly, a dielectric breakdown strength in the region of 150KV/mm implies that even a wall thickness as thin as 0.5mm allows for a breakdown resistance of 75KV.

Chemical lines, which often require a material that does not in any way react with the chemical inside it, benefit from the inert nature of PTFE. This means that even in the event that some unknown chemicals are present in the fluid passing through the tube, there is no risk that the tube will corrode or in any way impart its own reaction with the chemical.

PTFE tubes

Names for PTFE tubes

PTFE tubes are known by many names across the industry:

  • PTFE Tubing
  • Teflon Tubing
  • PTFE Hose
  • PTFE Pipe
  • PTFE Sleeve
  • PTFE Sheath
  • PTFE  Liners

They are all part of the same process and extruded in the same manner.


Features of PTFE tubing

  • Compliant with Food & Drug standards FDA.
  • Best of call electrical properties
  • Universal chemical resistance
  • plasticizers are not used in manufacturing of PTFE tubing
  • Extremely low permeation
  • Ultra-low absorption
  • Very high UV resistance

PTFE tube

PTFE tubing applications

The use of PTFE tube has spread across various applications including automotive, chemical, electrical and medical. 

In automotive applications, the ability of PTFE to withstand temperatures in excess of 250oC makes it an ideal candidate for high temperature fluid transfer.

In medical applications, PTFE tubing is in huge demand due to its lubricity and chemical inertness. Catheters employing PTFE tubing can be inserted into the human body without fear of reaction or abrasion with any body parts.

In chemical applications – including laboratories – PTFE is an ideal replacement for glass due to its inertness and durability.

In electrical applications, the excellent dielectric properties of virgin PTFE make it well suited for insulating high voltage cables.


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