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Brief Introduction Of PTFE Paste Extrusion Machine

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DGF provide a high-quality PTFE paste extrusion machine for extrusion PTFE tubing, with various size.  PTFE extrusion machines provide equipments and also technical support. Can work for China PTFE fine powder and also working for aboard PTFE fine powder.

PTFE paste extrusion machine

The Introduction Of PTFE Paste Extruder

PTFE Paste Extruder is a kind of PTFE pipe vertical extruder which integrates feeding, extruding, heating and forming with high production efficiency. It includes an outer die with a central hole fixed on the frame, a core die; the core die passes through the central hole of the outer die, and a die cavity is formed between the core die and the central hole of the outer die; the die cavity includes an upper extrusion section and a lower forming section; an induction heater is set on the periphery of the outer die in the forming section to heat the outer die; a press die is set sliding on the periphery of the core die above the die cavity, and the press die is connected to a main drive device that drives the press die up and down along the core die to slide in and out of the extrusion section. The die is connected to the main drive device which drives the die to slide up and down along the core die and in and out of the extrusion section; a blocking ring is set on the periphery of the upper end of the outer die, and a material bin is formed between the upper end of the outer die and the inner periphery of the blocking ring for holding the material; a scraper is set at the bottom of the bin; the scraper is driven by the scraper drive device to rotate around the axis of the core die and send the material in the bin into the die cavity.


Features of PTFE Paste extruder:

1. Paste extrusion of various specifications of dispersed material tetrafluoride tube

2. Vertical installation extrude, can extrude 2-15 meters per minute

3. Extrusion length can be customized according to requirements

4. Intelligent control of equipment, stable operation;

5. Maintenance is convenient, transmission is flexible, structure is easy to install

6. SUKO provide complete set of equipment, necessary auxiliary equipment and technical solution

7. SUKO provide operation process technical guidance

8. Multi-layer material tube can be extruded 


What the use of PTFE tubing?

1. PTFE hose directly connects fittings, tube working for the liquid working channel.

2.Use 304 or 316 stainless steel wire to braiding it, to enhance the working pressure.

3. Use a special tool to make PTFE corrugated hose, make the hose more flexible.

4.PTFE hose with SS braiding, or PTFE corrugated hose with braiding, connect to different fittings for connection.

PTFE Paste extruder

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