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Structural Classification Of PTFE Pipes

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Polytetrafluoroethylene pipe, referred to as F4 pipe, PTFE pipe, is a high-quality plunger extruded pipe, using special processing technology to make the steel pipe and plastic pipe closely combined, can withstand 1.6Mpa positive pressure, negative pressure: 77 ℃ . It can be used normally at -60℃~+260℃, has reliable and excellent corrosion resistance, and can also transport high temperature and strong corrosive gases and liquids, which cannot be replaced by other pipes. We must first understand the structural classification of PTFE pipes, in order to know more about the advantages of PTFE pipes.

Structural classification of PTFE pipes:

1. Inner pipe: PTFE straight pipe or PTFE corrugated pipe

PTFE bellows: It is made of special inflation molding. It is made by heating the polytetrafluoroethylene pipe to a certain temperature in a certain mold, and giving a certain internal pressure in the pipe, so that the pipe is laterally expanded (inflated) and then cooled and shaped. The bellows has the inherent properties of PTFE, but also has high flexibility and elasticity, but the pressure is lower than that of PTFE straight pipe.

2. Braided layer: composed of stainless steel wire

3. In order to meet other needs, some customers will also coat a layer of stainless steel wire braided layer, and its materials include but are not limited to PU, PVC, glass fiber, TPU, POF, silicone, polyester, various colored cotton yarns (threads) ), aramid, etc.

 PTFE pipe

●Protection stainless steel braid, suitable for automobile brake pipes

●(glass fiber) - thermal insulation (thermal insulation)

●(thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber)-favorable protection stainless steel braid

● (Silicone) - thermal insulation and abrasion resistance

●(Polyester)-thermal insulation

●(cotton yarn)-thermal insulation

●(colored cotton yarn)-insulation

●(Aramid) - thermal insulation and enhanced working pressure

The above is the structural analysis of the PTFE pipe. You must remember the structure of the PTFE pipe. Only in this way can we apply it better.

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