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Things To Consider While Buying Convoluted PTFE Braided Tube

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Convoluted Polytetrafluoroethylene braided tube is also known as Teflon corrugated tubes. It is made of an inner layer that is braided with stainless steel. This makes the tube very strong and used for various industrial applications.

The features of the tube include resistance to corrosive elements, and the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. Also, it is durable, flexible and long-long lasting.

These features are not unconnected to the design of the convoluted PTFE braided tube. For instance, the steel braids ensure that the external hose is well protected from external impacts that could lead to abrasion. Also, its protection enhances the durability of the tube.

Furthermore, these braided tubes can withstand the effects of vibration, high and frequent frictional force as well as flexural fatigue. Such strength has earned the convoluted PTFE braided tube diverse uses in the engineering spaces than the smoother pipes.

Regardless of these applications and advantages, the following are things that you must consider before purchasing your convoluted Polytetrafluoroethylene braided tube for use. 


While it is true that these convoluted tubes have a popular reputation for being durable. It is very important that before purchases are made that you check the warranty of the braided pipes.

The warranty on the Convoluted PTFE braided tube is a strong written assurance from the manufacturing company. Such assurance guarantees that they will bear the repair cost when anything happens to the tube within a particular time frame. To ignore this is to set yourself up for extra expenses that are not necessary.

Double check its chemical resistance 

One characteristic feature of the convoluted PTFE braided tube is its ability to resist harsh chemicals. Their ability to do that largely depends on the linings of the tube and its flexibility.

You will have to check these characteristics before you make purchases. You must be sure that the tubes that you intend to buy can withstand the temperature, acidity or alkalinity of the fluid that you intend to pass through it. 

convoluted PTFE braided tube 

Look out for its kink resistance 

This is important especially during the installation or testing process before use. you have to be sure that the convoluted PTFE braided tubes can drain fluids properly. This can only be possible if the tube has not been kinked before.

The easiest way to be sure of this is to look out for the position or condition in which the braided tubes have been stored before purchase. Tubes that have been coiled tend to continuously be in good shape not bent, ensuring that fluids flow through them effortlessly. 

Be sure of what you want 

Before making a purchase, you must be sure that the convoluted PTFE braided tube is the best fit for your project. You also have to check if the wall thickness, fittings, and braid material is good for the tube.

This is very vital; the braiding gives an idea of the pressure capacity of the tube. Furthermore, you look out for the specifications concerning the conductivity of convoluted tubes. Check if it is compatible with the purposes, you are purchasing it for.

Usually, the standard braiding texture for convoluted PTFE braided tubes is stainless steel (304). This guarantees resistance to pressure corrosion and friction.

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