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Basics of PTFE Smooth Bore Tube And Why They Are Outstanding

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Smooth bore tubing is a form of industrial hose typically made from polytetrafluoroethylene (a PTFE polymer) that differs from the heavy-duty corrugated steel hoses that are commonly encountered in industry.

Polytetrafluoroethylene is a high-tech material which are extruded to produce a flawlessly smooth, hardwearing pipe capable of carrying fluids at various pressures and temperatures.


Outstanding feature of Smooth Bore Tubing

The most exciting feature of smooth bore tubing is that you can get it in different size options of thickness and pipe void diameter depending on the need you want to satisfy with the use.

If you need what you need is for a general purpose use that can withstand any steam pressure conditions (high or low) or any effect of standard pressure from the fluid flowing in it, say chemicals, paints, adhesives, detergents or even foodstuffs. Then you should go for the Standard Wall size option.

A Heavy wall size option will be suitable for heavy duty applications such as working under high pressures such as carrying pressurized gases. A Dash size option will be suitable for reusable type fittings as it is slimmer in form.

Lastly, there is the Custom size option, this is a specially made smooth bore tubing with an unusual wide pipe diameter. This is preferably for specific hydraulic applications.

In this article, I will be enlightening you about the reason to choose a smooth bore tubing to other heavy duty hoses for carrying liquids as we explore the advantages of smooth bore tubing.

Let’s explore theses outstanding advantages of smooth bore tubing and why I feel it is great to have!

PTFE smooth bore tube 

Outstanding Advantages of Smooth Bore Tubing


It is made up of a chemical resistance material.

Smooth bore tubing is made from polytetrafluoroethylene, which is one of the highly chemical resistance material known to react with a very minimal selection of known chemicals to man.

This advantage makes it preferably to be suitable for piping reactive chemicals such as acids and acrid gases even at their reactive temperatures. Great! Isn’t it?


Its strength and flexibility

The smoothbore hose, majorly because of its PTFE component, has an excellent lifespan in dynamic movement and flexibility benefits. This enables it to perform wonderfully well in its applications such as vibration-absorbing activities, movement-absorbing activities, and flexing applications.

The combination of its design and material induces the perfect strength and flexibility you can ever imagine.


It has a self-cleaning ability

For someone who likes to keep all things clean, neat and tidy even after use, having this is so great and handy.  PTFE is a nearly inert material, hence, it enables the smooth bore tubing to have excellent non-stick characteristics.

This ensures that all fluids traveling through the pipe stay moving and do not develop scums or scales that could cause contamination, limit efficiency, or clog the tube.


Its resistance to high temperatures

The temperature range of PTFE hose is remarkable, ranging from -70°C to 230°C. These temperature limits are dependent on the steel wire braid used to wrap the piping and the pressure of the fluid being transported, as higher temperatures reduce the hose's pressure capabilities.


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