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PTFE Smooth Bore Tube: Features, Forms, and Industrial Applications

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Over the last two decades, there has been a rapid increase in the applications of PTFE smooth bore tubes.

PTFE smooth bore tubes are now used in manufacturing industries, consumer services companies, and healthcare centers for making pipes, coatings, and other valuable items.

But, what makes them applicable in various areas? Do they have some special features?

Keep reading this article as we walk you through the features, forms, and industrial applications of the PTFE smooth bore tubes.

Features of PTFE Smooth Bore Tubes

Here are some of the features that make PTFE smooth bore tubes applicable in several areas.

1. Corrosion resistance

As an organic polymer, PTFE is unreactive with several chemicals including acids. It is also resistant to water, which means water cannot penetrate it to initiate a chemical reaction.

Based on this feature, PTFE smooth bore tubes can be used to transport chemical-based materials.

2. Thermally stable

PTFE smooth bore tubes have high melting temperatures and can be used for transporting hot liquids.

They are thermally stable and are not affected by hot weather nor are they affected by hot liquids.

3. Low coefficient of Friction

PTFE smooth bore tubes have a coefficient of friction as low as 0.1, thus, they are smooth enough to be used on snares and catheters.

4. Lightweight

Compared to tubes made from other materials such as PVC, PTFE smooth bore tubes are relatively lighter, which makes them more portable.

PTFE Smooth Bore Tubes

 What Are The Forms of PTFE Smooth Bore Tubes?

PTFE tubes exist in four forms, which include split, heat shrinkable, multi-lumen, and filled.

Let's discuss each form in detail.

1. Split

The PTFE smooth bore tubes that fall under this category have ridges in their walls, which enable them to be split.

They allow medical professionals to remove PTFE introducers from the bodies of patients without dislocating their body systems.

2. Heat shrinkable

When exposed to hot air, the PTFE smooth bore tubes that fall into this category keep shrinking. They are made from very thin materials and are used for insulation.

3. Multi-lumen

These PTFE smooth bore tubes have smaller tubes engraved in a single interior. Thus, they are known as multi-lumen.

Multi-lumen PTFE tubes have a wide range of applications in the medical field.

4. Filled

These PTFE smooth bore tubes are made with chemical additives that give them their radioactive characteristics.

They are applicable in the medical field of radiography since they are visible in X-rays.

Applications of PTFE Smooth Bore Tubes

PTFE smooth bore tubes find applications in various fields including:

1. Automotive applications

PTFE smooth bore tubes are used to transfer hot fluids due to their ability to withstand high temperatures.

2. Chemical applications

PTFE smooth bore tubes are inert and durable, thus, they are used in laboratories to convey chemicals.

3. Medical applications

In the field of medicine and surgery, PTFE tubes are used in Catheters that can be inserted into the human body without causing abrasion or reaction in any body parts.

4. Electrical applications

PTFE smooth bore tubes are used to insulate high voltage cables due to their good dielectric properties.

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