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Major Industries That Uses PTFE Paste Extrusion Machine

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PTFE means Polytetrafluoroethylene although it is generally known as Teflon. It is commonly known for its major spectacular advantages to various industries. For Example, industries like; chemical, food and beverages, mechanical engineering, automotive, oil and gas industries, etc.

PTFE paste extrusion machine is sometimes called Teflon paste extruder. It is majorly used in mixing polytetrafluoroethylene fine powder with the required additives to produce the necessary PTFE billets and extrude the PTFE pipes.

Who are the users of the PTFE paste extrusion machine?

The users of PTFE paste extrusion machines are industries and they are but are not limited to;

Food and beverage industries

Well, I am not referring to ice cream, chicken, tea, milk, coffee, etc. Here, I am referring to the kitchen utensils, things you make use of in making sure that your table is set.

Kitchen utensils such as your teapots, pans, teaspoons, etc. Initially, an iron sponge, sprays, and vims were used to clean all burnt and lines of cooked food from kitchen utensils.

But remember, nowadays we now have something called a non-sticky fry pan. Part of the product used in making the non-stick fry pan is the Teflon. It can absorb heat and makes it easy for you to clean your fry pan.

Teflon is not only used for fry-pan it is used for every other kitchen utensil.

Aerospace industry

In this industry parts like hydraulic hoses, tubing hoses, and gasoline hoses are made from Teflon. Technically in the aerospace industry, the PTFE is used for protection and heat tempering

Oil and gas industry

One of the major constraints in the oil and gas industry is high temperature, chemical resistance, pressure, etc. With PTFE all the listed constraints are easily solved.

Automotive industry

The automotive industries are the ones that construct motor vehicles. One of the vital components of motor vehicles is the air brake system. The PTFE is one of the materials used in constructing the air brake systems.

 The reason is that it can withstand high heat temperatures. It also helps to guard against the deposits of carbon particles.

Mechanical engineering industry

Here, the PTFE solution which includes the gaskets and molded shapes provides accuracy and longevity. Another main advantage is that it reduces costs and guarantees user safety.

PTFE paste extrusion machine

Benefits of PTFE paste extrusion machine

The following are the benefits of the PTFE paste extrusion machine and are not limited to;

  •  It is cost-friendly
  • It has a very high tolerant rate to almost all chemicals
  • It is a perfect insulator for most the machines
  • It has the capacity of absorbing a high rate of heat
  • It saves time
  • It is very easy to use.

One of the best advantages of PTFE paste is its rate to withstand heat and work in a very hot environment.

It can also be used all almost all industries as stated above.

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