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Convoluted PTFE Braided Tube for Industrial Hose Use

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In most industrial hose applications, a convoluted PTFE tube braided with stainless steel is very robust, flexible, and ready for harsh wear.

To provide hoses that resist corrosion, severe temperatures, and age-related degradation for long-lasting, durable hose requirements, the interior walls are comprised of PTFE, also known as Teflon.

These hoses can transport a wide range of materials while also protecting against failures and environmental issues. Industrial tubes with convolutions provide more flexibility and a better bend radius.

Similar to how an articulated (or "bendy") straw works, they use patterned depressions in the Teflon inner tube to allow for tighter bending with less risk of kinking.

These industrial hoses feature ultra-strong stainless steel braided covers that can endure even the roughest conditions and environments.

However, to enjoy these benefits, you need to partner with a trustworthy and reliable convoluted PTFE braided tube manufacturer.

convoluted PTFE braided tube 

Application and Uses of Convoluted PTFE braided Tube

The PTFE hose is protected from wear by stainless steel braided outer layers, which extends its life and improves pressure ratings.

Stainless steel covers also help to reduce the wear caused by vibration, flex fatigue, high temperatures, and other factors.

Smoothbore PTFE hose alternatives offer less versatility and flexibility than convoluted stainless steel braided hoses.

In a wide range of applications, convoluted PTFE hoses with stainless steel braided outer layers can be found.

The following areas are where the use of convoluted PTFE stainless steel braided tube is relevant.

Convoluted PTFE braided tube in Chemical area

1. Found in pharmaceutical production facilities.

2. In a chemical manufacturing factory, chemical, and acid hoses are employed.

3. In corrosive transfer applications, a corrosion-resistant hose is employed.

4. In a cosmetic manufacturing plant, a cosmetic hose is used.

5. High-purity fluid transfer with a sanitary and aseptic hose.

6. Electrical or steam-heated hose for transferring hot fluids at a constant temperature.

Convoluted PTFE braided tube in Automotive and Railways

  • Fuel hose
  • Turbocharger hose
  • Coolant hose
  • Auto-Brake hose
  • Motorbike Brakes hose
  • Diesel Engine hose
  • Motorsports hose
  • Power Steering Hose
  • Transmission Oil hose

Convoluted PTFE braided tube in General applications

 1. Carton filling machine charging hose

2. Filling a gas container using a high-pressure gas pipe.

3. A pipe for filling bottles in bottle filling machines.

4. Foodstuffs, beverages, and drinks

5. Dispensing hose for processing facilities

6. Cooking and drinking utensils

Convoluted PTFE Braided Tube

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Convoluted PTFE braided tubes are used in a variety of industrial settings due to the multiple benefits listed above.

The manufacturer's design determines the product's quality and durability. As a result, it's critical to source your materials from a trustworthy, dependable, and trusted convoluted PTFE braided tube manufacturer.

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